Empowering Female Voices
by Melody Hansen

Thank you for taking part in our Female Voices project and sharing the inspiring words we are the sun and rain to each other’s gardens. Please can you tell us about the inspiration and experiences behind these words?

"I write about gardens a lot. And I think it’s because they mirror humans and life so beautifully. I like to think of each one of us and our relationships with one another as gardens, something that requires care and attention, but also time to grow. Am I being a light to this friend’s garden? Is this person in my life helping my garden to bloom or are they harming it? These are the questions I’ve been asking lately and the questions that guide me when navigating myself and my relationships. And together, we help one another grow stronger."


These words are embroidered on our Mist silk sleepwear set with all proceeds going to charity. How do you want women to feel when they read these words and wear them too?

"I want women to be reminded that we are all connected, that we exist together, and when we care for one another, we become bolder and stronger. By simply existing as your genuine self, you are a force and a light, for yourself and for others."


When you write you explore the challenges of coming-of-age and being a young woman in a modern world.
What drives you to write and what do you hope to offer your readers?

"I feel like I’m still looking for my voice. But maybe I write to find it, without realizing that my voice is right there, in the midst of my words and in what I want to say. I think there’s something so powerful about writing, the way a page invites me to be who I want to be, say what I feel or think about or experience. Writing is a way for me to feel alive, to feel like I am really here. And I hope readers can feel less alone and find a piece of themselves in my words."



How has the pandemic affected your thinking and your writing? In this new world, what messages do you now want to share with your readers?

"I think if anything it’s grown me more tired. Being an adult in the world feels more draining, so I want to channel my childlike side even more now. I want to be more imaginative with my writing. Have fun with it, while also be deep with it. Allow myself to be silly and not always “polished”, in hopes that that might unlock something unexpectedly great within myself and within readers. "


You currently reside in LA. How does the city inspire you?

"LA pushes me to set goals for myself and meet them. For me, LA is a lot about finding the people you click with and trust, surrounding yourself with people who will support one another. It can feel like a lonely city sometimes, but it is so rich in stories and ideas and ambition, and that inspires me."


Please tell us what projects you have coming up? Any new work or collaborations due to be released?

"I’ve been giving my personal project ideas some time to brew lately, so I’ve been taking it slow. However, my sister and I have started to explore film work together, so we have a few film projects we’d like to get done before the end of this year. And that’s been really fun and refreshing to dive into."

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