Empowering Female Voices
by Charly Cox

Thank you for taking part in our Female Voices project and sharing the inspiring words She will not only climb mountains; she will move them too.  Please can you tell us something about the inspiration and experiences behind these words?

"Thank you for having me involved in such a beautiful project! When I started to untangle the point of pain in which I feel uncomfortable in my body, an aspect that I'd let go unheard for much too long was the expectation of being a certain way purely for someone else. How was I ever supposed to find resolve in my own skin if it was always up for negotiation and approval of someone else? Realising that the only opinion that mattered and deserved nurturing was my own changed my inner rhetoric. It went from 'Who would ever find me beautiful?' to 'Who am I when I feel my most beautiful?'."


These words are embroidered on our Mist silk sleepwear set with all proceeds going to charity. How do you want women to feel when they read these words and wear them too?

"You are yours to dress up or dress down, to feel slinky and sexy, to be comfy and cosy. You are yours and yours alone before anyone or thing comes into the equation. "


When you write you explore the challenges of coming-of-age and being a young woman in a modern world What drives you to write and what do you hope to offer your readers?

"I have an F Scott Fitzgerald quote above my desk at home that reads - 'You do not write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.' and it's a sentiment I refer back to often before I embark on a new project. My sole intention used to be using writing as a tool to stay alive, to push past ugly feelings that I couldn't get on top of and turn them something into things that I could hold and decide what to do with. Now, having been published and seen just how many others have felt that same loneliness, isolation and self hatred - my drive is a constant search for what makes us human and how can we unite in that experience. How can we best show our vulnerabilities to live healthier, happier lives?"



How has the pandemic affected your thinking and your writing? In this new world, what messages do you now want to share with your readers?

"It's been an opportunity to retreat inwards again. Pre pandemic, I had spent a lot of time relying on outer stimulus to inspire me. There was so much going on, all of the time! In doing that - it's strengthened the same message I've always felt passionate about - our vulnerability is our greatest strength and all of the things we are determined to convince ourselves are wrong with us can be cultivated into truly beautiful brilliant healing things. Or at least, funny things. "


You currently reside in London. How does the city inspire you?

"It inspires me endlessly! The way people interact with each other in Soho is one of my favourite things to watch and be a part of. The kinship and village union in the middle of such a lonely and expansive city is so glorious. The pace, the colour, the altogether togetherness that you can forget exists if you don't allow yourself to pause within it all. I was born in London, have lived in London most of my life and it will always be home. It's certainly not the best city in the world but I feel very fortunate that it's mine."


Please tell us what projects you have coming up? Any new work or books due to be released?

"I've just finished my debut solo exhibition on Greek Street, Soho. It was an amalgamation of poetry and art and keepsakes - sentiments made 3D. I'm working away on quite a few new projects at the moment, so many sometimes I forget they're not all just one big thing. But for now, my main project is writing again from a happy place. I haven't written about happiness and love without it being sardonic for such a long time that I'm relishing in the task and opportunity. How ridiculous, but so so utterly divine."

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